Past Conference - 2015

The 2015 annual GSA conference was held on the 5th - 8th July at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide.

This meeting was followed by the Boden Research Conference 'Comparative Animal Genomics Down Under' on the 8th - 10th July, also at the University of Adelaide.

To download a copy of the program, please click on the day you are interested in:

GSA - Monday 6th July 
GSA - Tuesday 7th July 
GSA - Wednesday 8th July 

Boden - Wednesday 8th July 
Boden - Thursday 9th July 
Boden - Friday 10th July 


GSA Local and International Invited Speakers 

Craig Moritz - Australian National University
Catherine Grueber - Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney
Ary Hoffmann - University of Melbourne
Margaret Byrne - Department of Parks and Wildlife
Sarah Robertson - University of Adelaide
Deborah White - SA Health and Medical Research Institute
Chris Jiggins - Cambridge University
Linda Broadhurst - CSIRO
David Haig - Harvard University
David Burt - University of Edinburgh
Julia Horsfield - University of Otago

Boden Local and International Invited Speakers 

Andrew Pask - University of Melbourne
Tasman Daish - University of Adelaide
Camilla Whittington - University of Sydney
Brian Dalrymple - CSIRO
Claire Wade - University of Sydney
Rebecca Johnson - Australian Museum
Marilyn Renfree - University of Melbourne
Jennifer A Marshall Graves - Latrobe University
Kathy Belov - University of Sydney
Arthur Georges - University of Canberra
Juergen Schmitz - Munster University
Rachel O'neill - University of Connecticut
David Burt - University of Edinburgh
Federica Di Palma - The Genome Analysis Centre
Peter Donnelly - University of Oxford
Diego Villar - University of Cambridge
Jesus Page - University of Madrid
Guoije Zhang - University of Copenhagen